Anbani - The Georgian start-up outside of Georgia

Anbani - The Georgian start-up outside of Georgia

Anbani was founded in Berlin in 2020. The original aim of the project was to make Georgian handicrafts accessible in Europe. In addition, Anbani aims to make a contribution to the popularization of Georgia as the culturally rich country that looks back on a long history. Furthermore, Anbani wants to act as a bridge between Georgia and Europe.

   The first phase of the project

The first step of the project was the opening of the Anbani shop in the middle of West Berlin at the Berlin Zoological Garden, where we presented various Georgian handicrafts such as ceramics, wool felt works, leather goods and others

The name Anbani

The name Anbani (Georgian for "alphabet") reflects our Georgian identity, which is closely linked to the language and script of Georgia and also underlines the uniqueness of Georgia. With this name we would like to tell small excerpts from Georgian history.

The year 2020 and the impact of the pandemic on business

We launched the Anbani project in the middle of the pandemic. Our main challenge lay in planning the company's future. Nevertheless, during this difficult time, many people from all over the world got to know Anbani , which was a great success in the initial phase of the project.

Start-up challenges

In the first phase of our project we were faced with various challenges. With Georgia acting as an exporter of mainly wine and mineral beverages, there was no experience in the market of a project similar to that of Anbani . For this reason we had to teach ourselves a lot of new things and familiarize ourselves with many new topics, which in return helped us to advance our project.

Competitive advantage

Anbani is intended as a long-term project. Our job is to choose the best products from Georgian artisanal production so that both our consumers and our Georgian partner companies are satisfied. We work with various Georgian start-up companies, which enables us to offer our customers diverse and interesting products.

Our shop and the products behind it

It is essential that business faces modern challenges. Due to the pandemic, our shop will be closed at this time. Opening an online shop in the shortest possible time was another challenge for us. However, we have mastered this difficult task and have now launched our website: . There, interested parties can browse through our diverse production facilities and shop across Europe in a very uncomplicated way. Delivery takes place in 3-5 working days

Local and international market

Our greatest wish is to make Anbani an internationally identifiable name in this industry and we want to achieve this primarily through the uniqueness, quality of our products and interesting offers.

future plans

First and foremost, we want to prove ourselves to our customers through the quality of our service and products. We are also planning to open a new sales area, which will be followed by other shops across Europe.

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